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Advanced Digital Earth Resistance Tester


Display Digital/analog dual display;

LCD with backlight   9999

Apo   Auto Power Off

Clock To display date and time

To switch input-cursor position when changing date/time

AVG Indicator for averaged-value measurement RK

Compensation Resistance Limit

Limit Value Alarming indicator for limit-value measurement Battery capacity indicator B.

Light Display Backlight LengthTesting length between resistivity testing point

Data Storage 100 groups

Measurement Can Be Memorized USB USB2.0 Interface

Ambient temperature and humidity for test: 0~40°C, <80%RH (without condensationTemperature for battery charging: 10~40 oC , < 80% RH

Storage temperature and humidity: -10~50 oC , < 90% RH (without condensation)

Temperature & humidity for battery-pack storage: -20~30oC, < 80% RH (without condensation)

Altitude for storage: < 12000 m

Altitude for operation: < 2000 m

Clamp Diameter: φ51mm

Display: LCD with backlight; Max. number: 9999

Overflow indication: > LIMIT

Underflow indication: "-"Frequency for updating display:

For earthing-resistance/leak-current: once per second (once in every four seconds if AVERAGE function is used )

Detection of output voltage: twice per second

Interference voltage: 4 time per second

Interference frequency: once per second

Interference current: once per secondTerminals:

1) Resistance test:

2) USB, chargerPower supply

1) LR14 alkaline battery × 6; rated voltage: 1.5 V × 6

2) Battery pack: rechargeable nickel - metal hydride batteries; rated voltage: 7.2 V

3) Charger: rated input voltage: 100 ~ 240 V; rated frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz; output voltage: 12 VDC 3AMax. power consumption:

15 VA (using charger)

6 VA (using batteries or rechargeable battery pack)Max. powering time: Alkaline battery: about 5 hours; battery pack: about 9 hours (with backlight turned off)

Max. input voltage: 250 V AC (50~400 Hz)Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 Vrms (CAT III)Insulation strength: 6880 VAC: 15 seconds

Overload protection: 250 VAC between terminals: 1 minute

Dimensions: About 260 (W)×125 (H)×280 (L) mm

Weight: About 2.5 kg

Applicable standards:

1. Safety: EN61010-1:2001, EN61010-031:2002, Pollution degree 2; Measurement category III 300V;

2. EMC: EMC: EN61000-3-2:2000 IEC61326-1: 1997 A gradeTesting earthing resistance, soil resistivity, interference voltage/interference/currentCompensating test-wire resistanceData saving function: recording (100 records), deleting a single record, deleting all records, uploading data to PCClockAVERAGE function for test dataALARM function for input terminalsCharging batteryAuto powering-offSafety rating: CE(EMC) ETL CAT III 300V RoHS

Specification Range Accuracy

3 Pole & 4 Pole   Earthing-Resistance Test      Test Voltage: AC20/48V

Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC

Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ohm~300Ohm

Selective mode(3 pole+    /4 pole+   )          Test Voltage: AC20/48V

Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC

Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ohm~20KOhm

Non-auxiliary-polar mode (  ) Test Voltage: AC48V

Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC

Earthing-Resistance Test0.02Ohm~150Ohm 2 Pole R~

Test Voltage: AC20V Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC

Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ohm~300KOhm

2/4 Pole R Test Voltage: AC20V

Earthing-Resistance Test 0.02Ohm~3KOhm

Interfering Voltage /Current /Frequency         Interfering Voltage : 1~5V DC/AC

Interfering Frequency : 16Hz~400Hz

Interfering Current : 20mA~2A

Soil Resistivity ρ Test Voltage: AC20/48V

Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC

Range : 0.02??m~1000k??m RK(Wire Compensation)

Test Voltage: AC20/48V

Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  Range : 0.02Ohm~30Ohm

Short Circuit Current ≤250mA

● Current clamp φ51mm

● Voltage clamp φ51mm

● Test Leads ×4

● Test Leads of Current Clamp  x 1

● Test Leads of Voltage Clamp x 1

● USB Cable x 1

● Disk x 1● Test Probe x 4

● Hammer x 1

● Wire parts MS2308/PVC/21 Core 0.2*2.4mm*40m/Yellow

● Wire parts MS2308/PVC/21Core 0.2*2.4mm*30m/Blue

● Wire parts MS2308/PVC/21Core 0.2*2.4mm*25m/Green

● Wire parts MS2308/PVC/21Core 0.2*2.4mm*50m/Red● Portable Bag x 1

● Alkaline battery ×10

● Manual x 1

  • MS2306\2307\2308 Series Users Manual

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