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Insulation resistance tester

Field Measuring Apparatus

250V ~ 5000V Test Voltage

Max 5TΩInsulation Resistance Measurement Measurement of Insulation Resistance for HP Devices (Transformer, Electric Cable, and Electric Machines, etc)

Built-in High Power Voltage Generator (250V ~ 5000V Adjustable)

Auto Computation and Display of PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Rate)

Stepped Voltage Test, Temperature Compensation, Temperature Measurement, and Leak Current Measurement Data Storage and Upload FunctionFeatures

Test Voltage and Insulation Resistance Measurement in Broad Range

Test voltage ranges from 250V to 5kV, in 25V stepped setup, and able for measurement of 5TΩ insulation resistance in maximum.

Supports Various Insulation Judgments

Able for computation and display of PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Rate)

As well as stepped voltage test (five steps, with voltage and time for each step adjustable), temperature compensation, temperature measurement,

leakage current display, and other insulation judgment functions.

Data Storage and Upload Function

Able to manually store 100 data, automatically record 10 groups of data

(360 measurement points in maximum for each data group), and automatically record date and time.

Carrying Case

Hard carrying case adaptable to field application is adopted.

Chargeable batteries can be used at the same time

Able to be loaded with 2# batteries and chargeable batteries at the same time

And when capacity of one group of batteries is insufficient, it can be switched to another group for further use.


Measurement of Insulation Resistance and Leak Current Test

Voltage: DC 250V~ 5000V, Test Insulation Resistance 0 5TΩ; Max Test Current 1mA

Able to display insulation resistance, leak current, PI, DAR, and measurement time.

Stepped Voltage TestTest voltage is gradually increased to measure variations of insulation resistances and leak currents under different voltages.

Two types of stepped voltage values are optional, and measurement time can be selected for respective stepped stages.

Display of PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric Absorption Rate)

Able to automatically measure parameters of PI and DAR.

Measurement of Hot Line Voltage

Able to measure AC and DC voltages

AC: AC50750V, Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

DC: DC±50±1000V

Precision of Measurement: ±5rdg.±5dgtTemperature Measurement1070°C

Precision of Measurement: ±1.5°C

Data Storage Function

Able to manually store 100 groups of data, and also able to automatically record 10 groups of data, with each group able to store 360 measurement points in maximum.

Data Uploading FunctionAble to upload the store data into PC through USB interface, to be formed into graphic charts and to be printed for filing, and also able to set up and modify measurement parameters at PC end.

Supports USB2.0 (Full Speed)Parameter IndicatorsEnvironmental Range of Temperature and Humidity: 040°C, 90%rh below (non-condensed)

Display: LCD Display, with Back Light

Display Refresh Rate: 1 Time/s (0.25 T/s during use of average value function)

Output Voltage Monitoring: 2 Times/s

Voltage Measurement: 4 Times/s

Temperature Measurement: 1 Time/s

Analog Bar: 2 Times/s

Battery: 6# Battery x 6 | Ni-MH Chargeable Battery, 7.2V

Max Rated Power: 15W

Time for Continuous Use: Dry batter can last 5 hours and chargeable battery can last 9 hours, under the condition of 5kV generation, +/-ports disconnected and back light closed.

Max Rated Voltage to Ground: 600Vrms(CAT IV),1000Vrms(CAT III)

Insulation Level: AC7000V 15s between electrical loop and casing.

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