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MS6708 Digital Sound Noise Lever Meter

Digital Sound Noise Lever Meter

MS6708 sound level meter is an instrument for the

measurement of environmental sound level: such as factories, workshops,

schools, residential, office area, traffic, audio and other occasions of sound

level. Also applies to the noise of engineering, quality control, health

prevention etc.


Sound pressure measurement scope

30~130dB at A, 35~130dB at C

Sound pressure frequency response


Sound pressure frequency weighting

A and C characteristics


± 1.5 dB (sound pressure standard, 94 dB @ 1KHz)

±5 dB (sound pressure standard, 94 dB @ 8KHz).

Dynamic range of sound pressure

50 dB (for each measurement gear level).

Dynamic characteristic of sound pressure

FAST 125ms, SLOW 1sec


polarized capacitive microphone

Digital display

4-digit, resolution: 0.1 dB, sampling rate: 2 times/sec

bargraph display

Each analog bar represents 1 dB, sampling rate is 20 times/sec

Measurement gear level

30~80dB, 40~90dB, 50~100dB, 60~110dB, 70~120dB, 80~130dB, 6 gear levels in total

Automatic shifting gear level

microcomputer will automatically select the best gear level in the range from 30 to 130 dB

Fast/Slow Selection

Data Hold

Back Light


Data storage

100 groups

Power supply

4x1.5V AAA Batteries





Safety Rating


● Gift Box x 1

● Portable bag x 1

● Plastic Bag x 1

● Manual x 1

● Battery (AAA/1.5V/Manganese Battery) x 2

  • MS6708 Users Manual

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