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Smart Mini AC Digital Clamp Meter Tester

This Smart AC Clamp mutimeter is an innovative, which is breaking through the traditional clamp Multimeter type. It is a revolutionary product of measurement tools, which is an unique type prior to the world's major instrument manufacturers. The product features possess current measurement and simultaneously display the current frequency. voltage measurement with frequency display, voltage and current can be measured at the same time, the display screen shows the voltage and current at same time. low pass filter, peak - measuring, NCV non-contact voltage detection, backlight display, data locking. All above functions can be completed whenever the product been boot up . no need any gear conversion, never have to worry it will be burned by mistaken operation.


DC Voltage 0.5~600V +/-0.5%+3

AC Voltage  1.0~600V +/-0.8%+5

AC Current  10mA~200A +/-2.5%+5

DC Current 10mA~200A  +/-2.5%+5

Resistance 0~6Kohm 0.8%+3

Continuity < 30Ohm

Frequency 40Hz~1000Hz    +/-1%rdg


Count   6000


AC Current 6A/60A/200A

DC Current 6A/60A/200A

DC Voltage 600V

AC Voltage 600V

Continuity<30 ohm

OHM 6000Ohm

V/Ohm/A Auto Scan

Frequency (Voltage) 1Khz

Frequency(Clamp) 1Khz

Data Hold

Back Light


Safety Rating

● Gift Box x 1

● Test Leads x 1

● Battery (AAA/1.5V/Manganese Battery) x 2

● User Manual x 1

● Plastic Bag x 1

  • PM2116s Users Manual

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