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Company Introduction

Huayi instrument, professional manufacture, pilot science and technology.

Shenzhen Huayi Instrument Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous Digital Measuring Instrument Manufacturers in China.It is a National recognized High-tech Company, authorized by Chinese& Shenzhen Government and also a prestige Brand of measuring Meter industry.

Technology、Innovation、Customer Satisfication is our culture and eternal pursuit, also is the drive of our sustainable development. Over 20 Years professional R&D Team to ensure our products with advanced technology.

We now have Digital Multimeter, Digital Clamp Meters, Earth Resistance Testers, Insulation Testers, Power Meters, Environmental Detectors and other special Measuring Instrument in Over a hundred product series. All products are designed to comply with IEC61010 International Electrotechnical Commission Safty Standard and Requried CE (EMC/LVD), UL, ROHs, REACH,WEEE and other related regulations. Strict ISO 9001 Quality management and complete after-services system to ensure providing constant high quality product to our global customers.

Founder IntroductionFounders

  • Mr. Tian( Chairman )

    One of the Founders of Shenzhen Huayi (Mastech)Instrument Co.,Ltd, dedicate in Instrument manufacturing and Enterprise management since 1988, has crucial influence in Instrument Manufacturing. Now nominated as the chairman of Shenzhen New Huayi Instrument Co., Ltd., and the vice president of Shenzhen instrumentation and automation industry association.

  • Mr. Young( CEO )

    One of the Founders of Shenzhen Huayi (Mastech) Instrument Co.,Ltd, dedicate in Instrument manufacturing and Enterprise management since 1988, has crucial influence in Instrument Manufacturing. Now nominated as the CEO of Shenzhen New Huayi Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Main Products

  • Digital Multimeter Series

  • Digital Clamp Meter Series

  • Digital Earth Resistance Testers

  • Digital Insulation Testers

  • Power Clamp Meters

  • Environmental Instrument Series

  • Other Special Detecting Instrument Series

Blue Map Of Product Development

  1. Digital Electrotechnical Measurement
    Measuring Instrument

  2. Digital Electric Power Measurement
    Measuring Instrument

  3. Environmental Series
    Measuring Instrument

  4. Security Class
    Measuring Instrument

  5. Smart Home Series
    Monitoring Instrument

R & D Capabilities

New product with innovative technology Developing Ability

Industrial Product Design Ability

Product Structure & Mold Design Ability

Product PCB Design Ability

Single chip microcomputer software development capability

Product PC software developing capability

Product Packaging Design Ability

Product production process Design Ability

The Patent Introduction

We have developed a stringent quality control system under the highly experienced management team. With our quality engineers together with our technology specialists to ensure the raw material selection, component inspection to manufacturing process are compliant to AQL international inspection standard. With excellent quality control ,our product has reached international advanced level and obtained European CE,REACH, American UL and Chinese CMC etc varies world famous Quality Certificates and Safety Certificates.

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  • CE Certificate

  • CE Certificate

  • ISO9001 Certificate

Manufacturing Capability

  • Production lineProduction Line 8 Assembly line

  • Important EquipmentFLUKE9100/5100 High Standard Test Equipments

  • Annual Production Capability1000000 Sets per year of each model

  • Annual Production Capability1000000 Sets per year of each model

Product Quality Control

Have Passed ISO9001 Quality Management Standard

Raw Material Inspection(IQC) Process Inspection(IPQC) First Model Inspection(QC1) Second product Inspection(QC2) Final Inspection(OQC)

Sales network

New Huayi now possesses 100 agents globally, products have been sold over 60 counties and regions

Assure product package meets standard with clear mark and safe and on time delivery

Assure comprehensive technical support on phone by professional engineers.

Guarantee to provide free maintenance within 18 months from the sell date.

Promise permanent compensable maintenance services.

Guarantee unconditional return caused by initial product quality

Promise to return maintained product to customer in 10 work days after receive.

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